Old is Gold: Unforgettable Pakistani Movies

By Anis Ahmed Shakur

Insaan badalta hai

On the inauguration ceremony of filmarts 'Insaan badalta hai', a photograph was taken at the Eastern film studios, Karachi, in 1960.
Prominent among them were: Ilyas Rashdi, character actor Agha Jan, composer: Zafar Khursheed, sound engineer: Hashim Qureshi, director: Munawwar Rashid, Shamim Ara (lead actress) cameraman: Mehboob, Producer: Waheed Murad, his father: Nisar Murad, distributor: Dr. Akhtar, production manager: M.A.Sethi, comedian : Lehri.

Waheed Murad's first film as a producer was 'Insaan badalta hai'. Waheed Murad had selected a new film director, Munawwar Rasheed, for this movie. (Munawwar Rasheed's first movie as a director.)

This film was released on May 5, 1961, and it was a great success.
Darpan, Shamim Ara, Lehri, were cast in this movie.
Lehri had received the nigar award for his excellent performance as a comedian.

Ek Raat

Filmarts second production, 'Ek raat' was launched with the recording of a song at the gramophone company of Pakistan on August 4, 1960.
Producer Waheed Murad and director Shaikh Hasan were present on that occasion.


A song in the voice of Ahmed Rushdi was recorded for filmarts 'Shabab' in 1961.
A photograph was taken on the occasion at the compound of H.M.V.

Following personalities were present on that occasion: Director: Shaikh Hasan, Producer: Waheed Murad, composer: Sohail Rana, singer: Ahmed Rushdi, production manager: M.A.Sethi.

Jabsay dekha hai tumhay

'Jab say dekha hai tumhay' was the second movie of Waheed Murad as a producer.
It was released on March 29,1962.
Munawwar Rasheed was the film director.
Waheed Murad had introduced composer Sohail Rana in this movie. (Sohail Rana's debut)
Stars: Darpan, Zeba Lehri, Agha Jan.
Zeba was given the lead role in this movie for the first time.

A picture was taken in 1962 on the inauguration of 'jab say dekha hai tumhay', at Karachi' Eastern studio.
Deeba and Saeed A. Haroon were also present in the picture.

Chiragh jalta raha

Producer-director-poet Fazal Karim Fazli introduced actor Kamal Irani to Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah on the premiere of his first film, 'Chiragh jalta raha' on March 9, 1962, at the local Nishat cinema.
Stars: Zeba, Mohammed Ali, Deeba, Kamal Irani.


'Aulad' was released in August, 1962 at Karachi's 'Rivoli' cinema.
Status: Golden jubilee.
It was Waheed Murad's first film as an actor.
Stars: Habib, Nayyar Sultana, Waheed Murad.
Super hit song: 'Naam lay lay kay tera hum tou jee ye ja-ain gay' (singer: Naseem Begum) 

Chiragh Jalta Hai

Heera aur pathar

'Heera aur pathar' was the first film of Waheed Murad as a hero.
Waheed Murad received the nigar award for best actor.
It was released at Naz cinema,Karachi, on December 11,1964, and completed 68 successful weeks (golden jubilee)
Waheed Murad had introduced director Pervez Malik for the first time in this movie.
Moreover, he had also introduced script writer, M. Aqeel Khan.
M. Aqeel Khan was fortunate to receive the nigar award in his first movie.
Stars: Waheed Murad, Zeba.
Super hit song: 'Mujhay tum say mohabbat hai': (singers: Ahmed Rushdi, Najma Niazi)

Rishta hai pyar ka

Waheed Murad's picture was taken at P.I.A. counter prior to his departure for London, in 1965, where he took part in location shooting of director Qamar Zaidi's film, 'Rishta hai pyar ka'
Zeba had played romantic lead in the film.
Super hit song: 'Masoom sa chehra hai': (singers: Ahmed Rushdi, Runa laila)


'Armaan' is the first platinum jubilee film of Pakistan and one of the greatest movie of all times.
It was released on March 18, 1966.
'Armaan' had received six nigar awards.
All songs were super hit: 'Akele na jana', 'Jab pyar mein dou dil ', 'Bay taab ho', 'Ko-ko-korina', 'Oont pay baitha'.


Waheed Murad was the producer, script writer and hero of 'Ehsaan'
'Ehsaan' was released on June 30, 1967.
Stars: Waheed Murad, Zeba, Rozina, Nirala.
Film director: Pervez Malik.
Music director: Sohail Rana.
Super hit songs:'Ik nai maur pay': (singer: Mehdi Hasan.)
'Dou akhian, ye dou sakhian': (singer: Ahmed Rushdi)
'Aye meri zindagi': (singer: Ahmed Rushdi, Mala)


'Samandar' was released on March 8, 1968.
It was Shabnam's first film in west Pakistan.
Film director: Rafiq Rizvi.
Music director: Deebu.
Super hit songs: 'Saathi tera mera saathi hai' (singer: Ahmed Rushdi)
'Yoon root na gori' (singer: Ahmed Rushdi)
Stars: Waheed Murad, Shabnum.


'Andaleeb' was released on August 29, 1969.
Film director: Fareed Ahmed.
Music director: Nisar Bazmi.
Status: Golden jubilee.
Stars: Waheed Murad, Shabnam.
Waheed Murad and Shabnam had received nigar awards for best actor, actress respectively.
Super hit songs: 'Kuchh loag root kar bhi' (singer: Ahmed Rushdi)
'Gaysoo-on kay Aanchal mein' (singer: Ahmed Rushdi)


'Ishara' was released in 1969.
Waheed Murad was the producer, director, script writer, hero and singer in 'Ishara'.
Further, 'Ishara' was the first and the last film of Waheed Murad as a director and singer. (he had recorded songs for 'Ishara' and 'Samandar')
Stars: Waheed Murad, Deeba, Rozina.
Rozina had received the nigar award for best supporting actress.

Naseeb apna apna

'Naseeb apna apna' was released on April 3, 1970.
Film director: Qamar Zaidi.
Composer: Lal Mohammad Iqbal.
Stars: Waheed Murad, Shabnam,Saaqi, Zamarrud,
Super hit songs: 'Aye abar-e-karam' (singer: Ahmed Rushdi : Nigar award)
'Mili gul ko khushboo' (singer: Runa laila)

Mastana mahi

'Mastana mahi' was Waheed Murad's first Punjabi film.
It was released on September 24, 1971.
Film director: Iftikhar Khan.
Composer: Nazeer Ali.
Waheed Murad had played double role in this movie.
Stars: Waheed Murad, Aaliya, Naghma.
'Mastana mahi' had received three nigar awards.
Waheed Murad and Aaliya had received best actor, actress awards respectively.
Nazir Ali had received best music director's award.
Super hit song: 'Sayoni mera mahi' (singer: Noor jehan)


'Jaal' was released on August 31, 1973.
Film director: Iftikhar Khan.
Composer: Nazeer Ali.
Stars: Waheed Murad, Nisho, Husna, Nazim, Shaista Qaiser.
This was Waheed Murad's first color film as a producer.


The hero of 'Hero' died leaving the film incomplete.
It was later completed by director Iqbal Yusuf.
Stars: Waheed Murad, Babra Sharif, Mumtaz.
Song: 'Bun kay misra ghazal ka' (singer: Ahmed Rushdi)
'Hero' was released on Friday,January 11, 1985, at lyric cinema, Karachi and firdous cinema, Hyderabad.