Waheed Murad: One hundred and one facts

by Anis Ahmed Shakur


1. Late legendary film actor Waheed Murad was born on 2nd october,1938 at Karachi, Pakistan.

2.The only movie actor in the Indo pak. Subcontinent who during his twenty three year film career 1960 - 1983.) worked as an actor,director, producer and script writer.

3. Near and dear ones called him "Veedu"

4. Only child of Mr. and Mrs. Nisar Murad.

5. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

6. Favorite color: Light blue.

7. Favorite proverb: Live and let live.

8. He was in love with three ladies: Mother:Shireen Murad, Wife: Salma and daughter: Aliya.

9.First fell in love with salma, when both were in grade nine in Grammar school, Karachi.

10. Had hatred for those who lied

11. Usually slept after midnight.

12. Favorite past time: Reading English books.

13. Favorite personality: Hitler.

14. In 1967 he said in an interview that Dilip Kumar, too, is not an immortal actor.

15. Waheed Murad's debut: S.M. Yusuf's Aulad in 1962.

16. Once he really wept while shooting of a touching scene in: Maan Beta.

17. It goes to his credit to act in the first color movie of Pakistan: Eid Mubarak (only a short scene was colored)

18. It was difficult to make friends with Waheed Murad.

19.Rarely danced in clubs, on weekends.

20. Rendered a song (duet) in : Ishara, which was also directed by him.

21. The only highly qualified actor in Pakistan film industry: Masters in English Literature.

22. Between 1960 and 1970 he was the richest actor, director, producer and script writer of the pakistan film industry.

23. He was a cheque which could be cashed any where in the country.

24. Favorite dish: Fried shrimp/ fish with rice.

25. Likes Japan on top.

26. Always punctual on the sets.

27. His four favorite movies were: Armaan, Insaniyat,Anjuman and Andaleeb.

28. Armaan had such a tremendous impact on him that he named his house in Lahore Qasr - e - Armaan.

29. He never talked unnecessarily.

30. Favorite hair - dresser:Rafiq hair dresser in Karachi and Khursheed hair dresser in Lahore.

31. Favorite song: Bhooli Hoi Hoon Dastan: Do-Raha.

32. Hero of Pakistan's first platinum jubilee film: Armaan.

33. Acted in one hundred and twenty three films.

34. Performed the role of a villain in only one film:Sheshey Ka Ghar.

35. Most popular hero after Dilip Kumar, whose hair style has been adopted by people in and outside Pakistan.

36. Favorite pakistani singer: Ahmed Rushdi.

37. Play back songs picturised on him always carry a touch of reality and vividness which no other Pakistani hero has ever been able to accomplish.

38. Hero of the first Pakistani movie : Rishta Hai pyar ka, which was shot outside Pakistan. (In England)

39. Hero of the Pakistan's first tableeghi film: Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

40. Naag Muni: Pakistan's first urdu film in which both waheed Murad and the lead actress performed double roles.

41. Hero of Chand Sooraj, the first Pakistani movie which was based on two different stories.

42. He directed eleven films, starting with Insan Badalta Hai(1961).

43. He acted in one hundred and fourteen urdu films, eight punjabi films and one pushto film.

44. He performed in thirty eight black and white films and eighty five color films.

45. His fifty nine films attained silver jubilee, thirty three golden jubilee, six platinum jubilee and one diamond jubilee.

46. He received three nigar awards for best actor and one for best producer.

47. The only film actor of Pakistan film industry to secure the greatest number of paltinum, diamond, golden and silver jubilees.

48. The youngest film producer of Pakistan film industry: He was twenty three, when he produced Insan Badalta Hai.

49. Akele Na Jana: Armaan: The song and the film that immortalised him.

50. In 1972 three of his films: Khalish, Daulat Aur Duniya and Baharo Phool Barsao did golden jubilees.

51. He was short - tempered in his youth.

52. Waheed introduced Sohail Rana in 1962 for " Jab se dekha hai tumhe's" music.

53. He invited Shabnam to then west Pakistan in 1968 and gave her a role in 'Samandar'.

54. He introduced his peon- cum- driver Badr Munir to the filmdom (Pushto film hero)

55. He flatly refused to picturise a song of film "Izzat" on him, because its lyrics were vulgar.

56. He was the only hope of Pakistan film industry who could have appeared in a film utterly different from the ones which were in vogue in his hay days.

57. "Maang Meri Bhar Do" was the last film released during his life time.

58. Some people misjudged his sober mood for his proudness.

59. It goes to his credit to introduce numerous people to the filmdom, strangely enough , all these so - called friends left him alone, when he was most in need of their support.

60. In 1976,Waheed's fourteen films were released,maximum in any one year, during his twenty three year career.

61. Waheed and Zeba used to get extremely tired after a day's shooting,so much so that while boarding a flight from Lahore to Karachi at 12 .00 midnight , occasionally he used to rest his head over Zeba's shoulder and vice versa. Such was the understanding and sincerity between them.

62. He was keenly desirous to publish all his memorable experiences of film industry,Waheed disclosed this to Mr. Elias Rashdi month before his death.

63. Always respected his parent's, elders teachers , and senior's.

64. He possessed a vast collection of of English literature books and cassettes of Urdu and English songs and music.

65. He acquired his early education from Mary Colaso school and in 1952 he passed Matriculation from here.

66. He did B.A. from S.M. Science college.

67. He married Salma on Thursday , the 17th of September, 1964 at Nisar Murad's house in Tariq Road , Karachi.

68. His native language was Punjabi.

69. His height was 5' 11"

70. In 1981, when he was healthy, his weight was 158 lbs.

71. He used to drive his car very fast.

72. He was very kind hearted by nature, however, he did not wanted to expose these feelings.

73. He preferred not to wear vest.

74. While at home, he mostly liked to wear shalwar kameez, but in functions he preferred to wear three piece suit.

75. He enjoyed chewing paan, qawam and used to drink tea.

76. He never smoked cigarette.

77. He usually took two and a half hours to sleep,once he was in bed. During this time, he liked to listen to music and read English books.

78. The two foreign magazines which he regularly scanned were Time and Newsweek.

79. His favorite poet was Keats.

80. His favorite city in Pakistan was Karachi.

81. His hobbies were cricket, music and photography.

82. He did not enjoyed watching T.V.

83. His favorite foreign singer was Egypt's Um -e- Kulthum.

84. He never grabbed any body's money and never allowed anybody to do it to him.

85. His first breakthrough came in 1960, when as a producer he produced his first film "Insaan Badalta Hai"

86. His second breakthrough came in 1961, when director S.M. Yusuf selected him for "Aulad"(Waheed's first movie as an actor.

87. With the release of "Heera Aur Pathar" waheed achieved overnight fame.

88. He was the hero, script writer and producer of Pakistan's first platinum jubilee film 'Armaan'

89. He wrote the script for Armaan, Ehsaan, Ishara, and Hero.

90. His first punjabi film was 'Mastana Mahi.'

91. The film distributor who possessed the majority of his films is Ever ready pictures.

92. Of all his films which he had produced, he was particularly proud of 'Ehsaan' whose topic was women who had lost their husbands.

93. Radio Pakistan have so far presented forty three interviews of Waheed Murad which is a record.

94. On five occasions he appeared on Pakistan Television, twice in Neelam Ghar twice in geet mala and once in silver jubilee.

95. He never overacted in any movie;

96. He received the title of " Master of song picturisation"

97. He had been suffering from peptic ulcer for quite a while.

98. He suffered a serious accident at Ravi Road, Lahore in November 1983.

99. He was to undergo plastic surgery at Mid East hospital, Clifton, Karachi, on Thursday,24th of November, 1983, which never took place.

100. He had been living with his self professed sister Mrs, Mumtaz Ayub at Defence housing society, Karachi in his last days.

101. In an interview he had said: No one understands me . This legendary actor in Armaan (1966) had earnestly urged Zeba not to go alone for how will he be able to live without her.Ironically, on Wednesday, the 23rd of November , 1983, presumably between 2.00 a.m. and 3.00 am in the morning he decided to leave for the farewell journey all alone leaving millions of his admirers in tears.