Aakash from Chand Sa Mukhra

Aakash from their first album - Ali Haider (top left) with the rest



Artiste In Focus:
Aakash - a joint venture between Ali Hiader and the Milestones - made their debut on the 14th of August, 1996 (Pakistan Independence Day). Enthralling audiences everywhere, Aakash has not only become popular in Pakistan but other countries as well such as the United States.

Mailing Address:
121 Muslim Colony Park View,
Soldier Bazar,
Karachi, Pakistan
Band Members:
Ali Haider - Vocals and Backing Vocals
Ali Tim - Bass and Backing Vocals
Ziyyad Gulzar - Guitars and Keyboards
Alen Smith - Drums and Precussions, Backing Vocals

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Album Name Comments
Aakash (formerly Aaraaf) The first compilation consisted of a mixture of both fast and slow tracks. Everybody expected something out of the ordinary when these two artistes teamed up, and this album delivered just that. Some of the better numbers from this album were Masti and Dil Wale.
Chand Sa Mukhra (remix) The second album was basically a collection of tracks from the previous album, plus a few more hits such as Chand Sa Mukhra remix, Laila and Mein Hoon Pakistan. The extremely talked about video for Chand Sa Mukhra was shot in India and proved to be very popular on both sides of the border