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Ali Haider

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An amazing performer who has, for a very long time now, intrigued everyone with his extraordinary tracks. Most of his music is quite 'traditional' and unlike many others in the industry, he has maintained his typical style of singing.

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Album Name Comments
Chahat This album wasn't that much of a hit when compared to the ones Ali Haider released later on. A couple of catchy tunes were Chahat and Ajnabi.
Qarar This second collection proved to be better than the ones before. It consisted of a few good songs such as Qarar (the title song), Shehnahee and Jadu Kiya.
Sandesa This was a much greater hit than the previous album with songs such as Purani Jeans and Sandesa, going straight to the top of the charts.
Pakola Album Although this album consisted of only two tracks, Zaalim Nazron Say and Laila, it proved to be quite a success.
Dastaan The fifth album shot straight up the charts, and brought Ali back into the limelight. There were a wide variety of songs in this compilation, ranging from the very fast to the very slow. The few songs responsible for this albums popularity were Walawai, Papa Mummi and Ranjha Heer.
The Best of Ali Haider The title of this album seems to be self-explanatory. All of the songs in this album were tracks from previous albums, some of which had proved to be great hits. Some of the songs included in this collection were Purani Jeans, Walawai, Qarar and Sandesa.
Saioni This compilation followed suit of the previous albums, in that it comprised of a variety of tunes that appealed to a wide range of music lovers. Some of the more popular tracks from this collection were Ya Allah, Saioni, Sharabi and Pakistan Pakistan.
Saaiyan Maturity, boldness and sheer confidence emanated from every track on this album. This album was fast-paced and appealed to both the younger and older generation. Tracks that stood out were Saaiyan, Navishana, Raat Khwabon and Jind Meri.
Jadu Will he ever stop?! Ali Haider has been churning out chart-topping albums since the early 90s, and this one is no exception. If the reviewer had to reccommend a few tracks from this compilation, they would be Jadu, Marjania and Banere Utte, but the album as a whole is well-rounded and worth adding to your music collection.