Najam Shiraz from Khazana


Najam Shiraz

Artiste In Focus:
A talented artist who achieved instant stardom with his first few tracks - majority of which were very traditional and hit home straightaway. He also formed a band called Karavan with a few other talented musicians, and came out with very impressive tracks.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 12207,

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Album Name Comments
Khazana A fairly balanced album that introduced Najam as a talented artist to the music scene in Pakistan. Khazana had quite a few catchy tracks such as Larki, A'Jana and Yeh Baat Kisay Maaloom.
Roop Nagar A sensation of an album, which was definitely worth the wait. This compilation demonstrated Najam's maturity since his debut album, and one could tell that every song had been very carefully selected and recorded. Tracks that proved to be great hits were Pal Do Pal Ki Chahat, Roop Nagar, Mera Jee Naheen Lagey and Ur Gaee Maina.
Pyar Karannu Dil Karda Yet again, this album showed a side of Najam Shiraz that very few people know. The album cover itself depicts the different moods this talented singer is capable of setting (cover picture shows a "Bhangra Najam" jumping in the air, while a more serious "Western Najam" looks on). Most of the tracks were romantic in nature, and ones that stood out were Menu Tere Nal, Kajla and Nach Kay.