Shehzad Roy from his second
album, Darshan



Shehzad Roy

Artiste In Focus:
This is a comparitively new performer who started off at a young age. Quite a favourite with the younger generation, Shehzad definitely has a promising future ahead of him.

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P.O. Box 2158,

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Album Name Comments
Zindagi Although this is Shehzad Roy's first album, he seems to have made a strong foothold in the music scene. Songs such as Yaadon Ka Diya and Bewafa seemed to be quite popular amongst others.
Darshan This album definetely seems to give the listener an idea of what Shehzad Roy is capable of producing. Hits included in this collection are Darshan, Kajal and Ey Khudha
Teri Soorat A mature, well-rounded album with Roy shining in every track. Songs that did exceptionally well were Bewafa, Ja Ko Rakhay and Teri Soorat (title song).