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Music - - PakistaniMusic.com

Housed in this section are the various categories for which we have music and audio available.

Simply select the section that you would like to explore from the list on the right and all the songs in that category will be listed. To narrow down your search, try our Advanced Search option - we guarantee great results with it!

For those of you who run into problems, please consult our Help section for assistance.

A more detailed description of each category appears below.

Visit this category for all modern-age songs available. This include pop/rock songs, songs by various Pakistani solo artistes and bands.

Songs from the yester-years. Ghazals, shaery, mehfilon kay geet, and the like are the types of songs that you will find here. Legendary artistes that have sung some unforgettable music.

Look here for audio praising The Almighty and his Prohpet PBUH. Naats, Hamds, Quranic surahs and verses (along with translations), and Jum'a sermons. Enjoy heart-warming audio that will bring you to tears.

Placed in this section are all songs that pertain to the Sufis' centuries old form of singing, known as Qawwali.

Pakistani national songs. Just another example of how passionate Pakistanis are about their country. Enjoy heart-warming music praising the motherland.

Pakistan is a country rich in both culture and heritage. Housed here are traditional songs and tunes common to each one of our four provinces.

Weddings are always celebrated with great joy and fervor. Pakistani weddings are no different. Find a multitude of songs here celebrating the joyous occassion of union.

A variety of songs, set aside specifically for the children. The songs and tunes here also provide a great educational tool to teach children Urdu, and get familiar with pronunciation.

Lollywood is exploding with talent, producing some great numbers. Take a peek here at our filmi songs collection.